Relic Quests

11 Jun

Relic Quests from

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Sol Badguy and Sol Badgirl
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Relic Hunt Start
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
[Repeat] Clod of Soil.. Find x100 Clod of Soil 100 Orange Bag
Prepare for Relic Hunting Let’s purchase the Relic Hunting Kit 5 3000
SWITCH IT ON!!! Let’s try Relic Hunting 5
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Finding Success~* Search for those Items 5
Samples Find x10 items in Relic Hunting 0/10 Findings 50 500
Don’t damage the detector… Find x50 items in Relic Hunting 0/50 Findings 100 1000 Hero Scroll
Treasure Map Find x100 items in Relic Hunting 0/100 Findings 200 2000 Gear Chest
Where’s the treasure??? Find x250 items in Relic Hunting 0/250 Findings 300 3000 Trial Legendary Chest x3
Dreaming of being Rich… Find x500 items in Relic Hunting 0/500 Findings 400 4000 Gear Enchanter x3
Will dreams come true? Find x1000 items in Relic Hunting 0/1000 Findings 500 5000 Gear Chest x3
Master Hunter Find x2500 items in Relic Hunting 0/2500 Findings 1000 10000 Excavator King Legendary Chest x2
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Nothing!? Fail x25 in Relic Hunting 0/25 Fails 50 500 Relic Kit 2hr
Clod of Soil… Fail x100 in Relic Hunting 0/100 Fails 300 3000 Sauna Owner Relic Kit 2hr
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Investigations Relic Hunt for 3000 Seconds 50 2500
Closer Look Relic Hunt for 1800 Seconds 100 1000 Archaeology Introduced
Testing Patience Relic Hunt for 6000 Seconds 400 4000 Relic Kit 10hr
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Quality Find a Relic worth more than 1000 Pesos 200 2000 Air Bomber 3 Days
Good Enough? Find x3 Relics worth more than 2500 Pesos 0/3 Findings 500 5000 Gear Enchanter
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Exploring prehistoric artifacts Find Fish Bones 50 500 EXP 200% 1 Day
Time-Space Shovel Find Cube Fragment 50 500 Peso 100% 1 Day
Chests stuck on the ground… Find Locked Chest 50 500 Trial Gear Chest
What will this key open? Find Rusty Key 50 500 Trial Legendary Quest
Find Hollow Magic Lamp Find x2 Hollow Magic Lamp 100 1000 Desert Blader 2hr
Find Empty Booster Supply Find Empty Booster Supply 100 1000 Justice Defender 2hr
A Deathnote?! Find 2x Deathnote 100 1000 Grim Reaper 2hr
Discharged Battery Find x2 Discharged Battery 100 1000 Space Trooper 2hr
Historical Mystery…? Find x3 Ancient Canned Goods 250 2500 Hero Scroll x2
Miner’s Request Find x3 Broken Alarm Clock 250 2500 Megaphone x100
Cases?!?! Find x3 Iron Case 250 2500 Gear Chest
Soda Time Find x3 1000 Old Soda Bottle 250 2500 Legendary Chest
Relic Level
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Start Relic Hunting Relic Hunting Level 10 100 1000 New Archaeology
Are you Lucky? Relic Hunting Level 20 200 2000 Trial and Legendary Chest
Searching…. Relic Hunting Level 30 300 3000 Textbook Excavation Megaphone (50)
Keep Searching? Relic Hunting Level 40 400 4000 Upgrade Reset (5)
You can do it! Relic Hunting Level 50 500 5000 Importance of Digging
Keep it up! Relic Hunting Level 60 600 6000 Gear Enchanter (3)
Which way? Relic Hunting Level 70 700 7000 Eyes of Radar
Explore Relic Hinting Level 80 800 8000 Male and Female Style Capsule
Concept of Searching Relic Hunting Level 90 900 9000 Burning Relic Passion
World of Relic Hunt Relic Hunting Level 100 1000 10000 Archaeologist
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